What is a Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator (also known as a Jack Rabbit Vibrator or Jessica Rabbit Vibrator) is a much more considerate and lovely vibrator, compared with other types of vibrators. It is highly valued by female customers. When the longer part is plugged into your vagina, the shorter part, the rabbit part, is properly placed on your clit. The double vibrations bring your body great pleasure.
There are many different types of rabbit vibrators, G-spot rabbit vibrator, thrusting rabbit vibrator, rotating rabbit vibrator. You can choose the one that you prefer and enjoy yourself.

How To Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Power it Up

Firstly, turn on a vibrator. Making sure you are in the mood is important. Vibrators can produce some serious intensity. It can actually be uncomfortable if you try to use one before being turned on. Do whatever you like to do to get yourself in the mood — read erotica, watch porn, fantasize, touch your body. Once you’re feeling excited about the next step, turn the vibrator on. But don’t go between your legs just yet. Continue teasing yourself by using the vibrator on your stomach, breasts, and thighs.

Get Acquainted with the controls

With any new toys, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic operation refer to the manual.
And get familiar with each of its modes to choose the one that fits you best.

Use Lube

It is necessary for you to use lubricant before using a women-using vibrator. It can make the vibrator experience much more pleasant. It also helps the toy glide against your skin instead of catching or tugging. If you’re penetrating yourself with the toy, you’ll definitely want to use a lubricant. Otherwise, it will bring you unnecessary pain.

Start Slowly

When you’re ready to use the women-using vibrator on your genitals, turn it down to the lower possible power setting. Keep it on a basic pattern setting, like a constant vibration. I recommend starting slowly because vibrators can be so intense. You can always turn the intensity up as you go, but it would be better to start slowly.

Find Your Hot Spots

Most women-using vibrators are designed to be used externally, on your clitoris. That’s because most women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. You’ll probably want to focus most of your attention on using your vibrator externally, but you can also use it internally if your toy is designed for penetration. If your toy is designed for G-spot stimulation, you can try using the head of the toy to rub against the wall of your vagina. Feel free to start experimenting with different settings once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics.

The Material Of a Rabbit Vibrator

  • Porous and Non-Porous Material

    All materials of sex toys can be divided into these two types. Porous materials are the worst choice. The bacteria and dirt are easily trapped in porous materials. It’s impossible to remove by simple cleaning. All products containing phthalates are made up of porous materials. Not vice versa. If you are using sex toys or any vibrators that are made up of porous materials, make sure they are stored separately with other toys and keep them completely dry after cleaning to be away from mildew.
    There’s no doubt that non-porous material is a better choice. Products with non-porous material are more bacteria and dirt free and can be disinfected. It also stands for safer and much cost.

  • TPE

    TPE is a quite good choice for a novice because it is softer than silicone and ABS. Good elasticity and skin-feeling make it a material of dildos. Nonetheless, it is not as safe as silicone. TPE, as well as TPR, is a non-toxic but porous material, which means it cannot be cleaned completely. Also, TPE is more suitable for water-based lubricants according to its oily characteristics

  • ABS Plastic

    ABS Plastic Vibrator is also a non-porous material. Most plastic material contains no phthalates, but you can check for safety. It’s also easily cleaned, and smooth, but it’s rigid and hard. Maybe it doesn’t look so smart, but a good transfer for vibration simulation. Some people think it is a good material for vibrators. ABS plastic materials are now usually combined with other materials.

  • Silicone

    The silicone material is non-porous material. Its soft and easy-clean features make it safer and healthier. It is popular and commonly used. Medical-grade silicone is the best label for you to choose from. No disgusting smell to disturb your enjoyable moment. Also, it can be used for a long time.

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