What is Remote Control Vibrator

A remote control vibrator is a sex toy that can be controlled by somebody else. It can be used in public without anyone knowing and letting your partner control you. App-enabled vibrators allow you to play with long distance. The remote control technology applied in a vibrator is an amazing way for more excitement in sex.

How to Use Remote Control Vibrators

  • Power it up
    Before the use, you should make sure that your vibrator is full-charged, and you are familiar with each mode of the vibrator.
  • Lube, lube, lube
    Lube makes everything better. For increased comfort and sensation, apply some lube that’s compatible with your toy material to both the vibrator and your body. If you don’t know what material your toy is made from, stick with water-based lube. It’s universal –– you can use it with anything.
  • Put it in Position
    Insert the shaft of the vibrator in the vagina deep enough so that the clitoral stimulator is flush up against the clitoris. You might have to adjust your position or the toy so that it’s making contact with the right spots.
  • Turn it on and Let Your Partner Control You Orgasm
    Remote control vibrator is a team effort, so it is important to tell the rules of the game and guide him in advance. After that you can give yourself completely to your partners and enjoy yourselves.

Three Types of Remote Control Vibrators

  • Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator
    Most wireless remote control vibrators are connected by Bluetooth. It can be used over small distances, for instance, your partners can control the vibrators when staying in the same room with you.
  • App Remote Control Vibrator
    App Remote Control Vibrator in another common kind of vibrators which can be controlled by Apps. Compared with bluetooth control vibrator, App control vibrator can be used in a long distance which is suitable for lovers in distance.
  • Wearable Remote Control Vibrator
    Wearable remote control vibrators are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is more convenient when you are in a public area. But make sure that you should try it at home before you bring it out to play in public otherwise, it may embarrass you.

Tips On How to Use Remote Control Vibrators Better

  • Practice
    Please try and practice your new toys with your partners at home. And learn how to use it properly before trying in public. And as mentioned before, remote control vibtator is a team effort, so please practice together with your partners to achieve better results.
  • Quality Matters
    There are plenty of vibrators to be chosen in the market. Some are really cheap and poo-made. Avoid those vibrators completely. HiHiStop has compared and chosen the best vibrators for you. Visit and buy your first remote control vibrator.
  • Choose The One Suits You Best
    You should choose one according to your own situation. If you want to experience the excitement of public, you may choose wearable remote control vibrator; If you are in a long distance with your partner, you can choose an App Control remote control vibrator; If you want to increase passion in your sex life, bluetooth remote vibrators may fit you well.
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