We are living a golden age of sex toys, more and more sex toys have been taken into bedroom nowadays. And it is common to use a sex toys no matter for men or women. So forget your concerns and face your own physiological needs. If you have never used sex toys before and want to have a try, wand vibrator is the most recommended.

What is a Wand Vibrator

A wand vibrator is a massaging device which is often used as a vibrator and a sex toy. The wand vibrator looks like a typical personal massage device that is used for ailments and back pain. Unlike a typical vibrator, it has no head but only vibrates at the top part. Itโ€™s perfect for clitoral stimulation. Wand vibrators can be powered by batteries or main powers.

How to Use a Wand Vibrator

  • Choose a good quality one. There are many different kinds of wand vibrators, if you are not sure how to choose, HiHiStop has tested and compared common styles on the market and choose the best ones for you.
  • Power the wand vibrator on and get familiar with the usage.
  • Clean the wand vibrator and your body in advance. Do remember that Itโ€™s important to use some lubrication oil for yourself and your G-spot vibrator before use. The quality and quantity will also influence your experience.
  • No matter whether it is soleplay or partner use, warm-up is important. For soleplay, just lie down and relax yourself. Use the Wand Vibrators to stimulate the clitoris slowly or masturbate with your fingers, make sure that your body is ready; For lovers, you can use it to stimulate and please your partners to add fun of their sex.
  • When you are ready, insert the Wand Vibrator into your vaginal, you can adjust the depth and the frequency according to your feeling until orgasm.
  • Donโ€™t forget other parts of your body, you can use your free hand to touch your body, for example your nipple or other sensitive points.
  • Clean the Wand Vibrartor immediately each time you use it.

What Makes Wand Vibrators Special

  • Exterior
    Compared with other sex toys for women, the wand vibrator looks like a microphone at the first glance, so it can better protect your privacy and avoid embarrassment.
  • Multiple Uses
    Except for sex toys, wand vibrators can also be used as massage. You can use it to massage your neck, back and shoulders or any other body part to relieve the pain.
    But do remember that you need to clean it after each time you use it.
  • Easy to Take
    The wand vibrator is lightweight, and most of the wand vibrators support USB charging. Besides, the wand vibrator is waterproof, so it is easy to take and suitable for travel. It can help you to release yourself anytime.
  • Clit Massage
    What makes it the most unique is its clit massage. Multi frequencies vibrating can massage clit with different strengths which can help you to reach orgasm soon.
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