What Is a Fleshlight– An Ultimate Guide

Do you still have no idea what is a fleshlight? If not, you should really read this guidance on fleshlights. What is a fleshlight? How to use a fleshlight and what does it feel like? Everything about fleshlights is here now, not only a basic introduction to fleshlights and why you should own a fleshlight, but also further instruction on how to best use your fleshlights! 

What Is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a male masturbation device consists of a hard case and a soft real-skin feel sleeve. The fleshlight’s texture is made of skin-like silicone composite. The name of fleshlight is in fact a combination of “flesh” and “flashlight”. A Fleshlight comes in a plastic case that resembles an over-sized flashlight. The outside part looks like an over-sized flashlight. The inside part is the tightest “flesh” that all men can’t help trying. Every user loves its design and also the knee-trembling pleasure it brings.

Invented in 1998 with a patent, The fleshlights have now become the world’s biggest-selling male masturbation. Why is it so popular among all men around the world with such a long time? On one hand, It is very sturdy and user-friendly. On the other hand, it brings the most amazing pleasure!  

How to Use a Fleshlight Properly?

 Open Your Fleshlight: A Fleshlight comes in a plastic case that looks like an over-sized flashlight. Unscrew the cap on its top and you can see its entry.  

Lube Your Fleshlight: Lube it with water-based lubricant. Silicone or oil-based lube will damage your fleshlight.

Example of water-based lube: This lube solubles in water and won’t damage the fleshlight material.

Enjoy Your Fleshlight: Insert your whole penis into the canal from its opening, then repeatedly moving it up and down to masturbate.

Clean Your Fleshlight: To clean a fleshlight is very easy. Take out the sleeve inside the case, and run clean water through it. 

Best Ways to Use a Fleshlight

How to best use your fleshlight? We introduce two ways to upgrade your fleshlight game:

Warm Your Fleshlight. You can get more realistic pleasure by warming your fleshlight before using it. How to warm a flesh light? The easiest way is to remove the sleeve from the case and soak it in warm water until it reaches the temperature you like. This usually takes 20 minutes or more time. If you want it quick, you can choose to warm up your fleshlight with a warming wand (a metal rod that’s placed inside your Fleshlight) or a fleshwarmer (a sleeve in which you place your fleshlight). Both of the accessories are inexpensive and can be purchased easily online.

 Use a Fleshlight Shower Mount. What is a fleshlight shower mount? Fleshlight shower mount is a device designed for using a fleshlight during a shower with hands free. This device can be mounted in any dry, smooth surface. When you walk into the bathroom, and your fleshlight is waiting for you.

How Good Are Fleshlights?

Are fleshlights good? Here the most subjective answer is offered:

Fleshlights are good because of its realistic material.The material, super skin, is silicone composite that emulates real vagina skin. If you take time to warm your fleshlights and apply water-based lubricant, it makes your fleshlight game comparable to vaginal penetration.

Fleshlights Vs Hands: Fleshlight is much better compared to your bare hands. It has better texture. It covers the whole penis and provides to place to orgasm.

Fleshlights Vs Pocket Pussy: In terms of durability, fleshlights are better.It has a hard plastic case to protect the sleeve. In terms of design, fleshlights are better. The most important is that a fleshlight also provides more sensation than pocket pussy. 

Buy a Fleshlight for Yourself

Fleshlight Size: Most fleshlights fit average size penis and bigger penis. Those with a small penis need to choose tighter fleshlights. If you want a tighter one, small-size fleshlight is better.

Fleshlight Cost: Fleshlight prices vary from $34.95 to $199.95. It depends on what kind of fleshlight you want. A luxurious fleshlight is usually larger and has high-speed vibration. An inexpensive one is usually smaller and manual. The Average price of a fleshlight is about $60 to $80. It’s enough to make you satisfied. However, different people have different demands, what price you choose is totally up to your preference.