When to Say “I Love You” in a Relationship

Are you in love? How often do you say “I love you” to your boyfriend or girlfriend?

If you can answer these two questions, it’s necessary for you to keep reading.

We can express our genuine attitudes in romantic love. Expressing true feelings to a partner is immeasurably valuable for communication and personal relationship. 

As we all know, the words “I love you” is regarded as the most important expression in a romantic relationship. For most of us, these three simple words have the magic to develop our relationship and express our feelings.

However, sometimes you will have a confusing question that what time you should say “I love you” for the first time falling in love.

Someone may say there are no precise rules for when to say “I love you”, you can say it whenever you want, without too much hesitation about timing.

Others will emphasize the importance of timing when saying “I love you”, for example, having 5 dates with your partner at least, and saying it only after two months. Due to the different ways of expressing feelings, we will choose our right time to say “I love you” in a relationship.

When to Say "I Love You" in a Relationship

It is said that men take an average of 88 days to tell a partner “I love you”, compared to a woman’s 134 days. Moreover, 39% of men say “I love you ” within the first month of dating someone, compared to just 23% of women.

We can find personality differences also cause people to fall in love at different speeds and to say “I love you” at different frequencies.

If you are still not sure when to tell someone you love them, here are a few signs that will let you find the right time to say “I love you”.

  • Make Sure You Love Your Partner

    Before saying “I love you”, you have been dating for a while or several times so that you have known each other well. You can make sure you find your true love.

    According to some relationship experts, in a romantic way, saying “I love you” for the first time is happening when you both know each other well and are falling in love with each other and plan to make a long-term go at your relationship.

  • Don’t Care if Your Partner Says it Back

    The most critical aspect of deciding when to say “I love you” is waiting until you won’t care if your partner says it back. You just want to share your good feeling, even if your partner isn’t quite ready to response.

    Don’t worry if he or she says it back right away. It’s unrealistic to expect that two different people would experience the same exact emotions within the same exact timing.

    This is a good thing. It means that you love your partner so strong that you are willing to wait, or you are offering them unconditional love. Anyway, you love your partner.

    When to Say "I Love You" in a Relationship

  • Meet Each Other’s Family and Friends

    If you and your partner are introducing each other to the people they care about the most, then it’s a sign you are ready to say “I love you” to your partner.

    April Masini, a dating and relationship expert, thinks the signs to look for if you’re trying to determine whether or not you are in a true relationship, your family and friends are the two factors you should consider.

    You should say “I love you” to your lover when you have introduced your partner to your family and friends at an important moment.

    If you are not ready to introduce your lover to your family and friends, it could be a sign that you may rethink whether you should say “I love you”.

  • Don’t Say “I Love You” During Sex or While Drinking

    It’s normal to say “I love you” during sex. But saying it in a sex situation naturally raises troubles. The main reason is that you can’t keep a sober mind at that moment.

    If someone says they love you for the first time during sex or when they drink, you might not take it seriously anymore. You will even doubt if your partner truly loves you.

    To avoid the misunderstanding between you and your lover, don’t say “ I love you” for the first time during sex or while drinking.

    When to Say "I Love You" in a Relationship

  • Don’t Wait Too Long to Say “I Love You”

    Maybe you are shy, nervous and scared to express your feelings. You are just going to wait and want your lover to say “I love you” to you first. But what should you do if your partner feels the same as you?

    If you are in love and make sure you really love your partner. It’s time to tell him. Don’t hesitate. Sometimes we wait so long that love slips away, better to try than to not try at all.

    Saying “I love you” is one of the most common expressions in a relationship. So wait for the right time, then follow your heart and say “I love you” to your lover bravely.